Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clemyjontri is more than initials, it's a wonderful playground for all

After working with me as one of first benefactors for Hadley’s Park, Adele Lebowitz decided she wanted to do something more with her estate, she decided that the joy she understood that came from the children playing at Hadley’s Park would be a wonderful legacy to leave on her property. So she decided to donate her 10 acre estate to Fairfax County Park Department with the understanding that they would create a fully inclusive playground like Hadley’s Park. Thus the birth of "Clemyjontri." You might wonder where this odd name came from or what it stands for. Wanting to commemorate her family the name Clemyjontri is made up of the initials of Mrs. Lebowitz children. Fairfax County authorities worked hand in hand with Grace Fielder and Associates to create a joyous and fully inclusive playground complete with a merry go round! Grace and her staff used many similar elements that we used at Hadley’s Park after learning from us the importance each play piece or element had.

To the casual observer, the playground at Clemyjontri Park looks like an ordinary playground, with swings, slides and play equipment fun to climb on, under and around. A closer look will reveal that some of those swings have high backs for children who need extra support. Instead of standard transfer platforms there are ramps to the elevated play components. Pathways between equipment are wide and colorful, and the ground surfaces are non-slip and porous designed to provide a greater level of access for children.

There is something for everyone - children will be able to find something to climb on, touch, read, do or create. Children will enjoy the challenges of balance and depth perception on the playground's balance beams. A mini-track can be used to race, playhouses and cubbies offer pleasant spaces for social interaction while also allowing children seeking quiet or separate areas to play in smaller groups. Tent sails provide areas of shade in the playground and benches are located throughout the play area. The playground is open daily from 7 a.m. to dusk, year-round.The Two Acre Playground Consists of 4 Outdoor "Areas" Surrounding a Centerpiece Carousel.

The Rainbow Room - With rainbow archway, surface with colors of the rainbow and a variety of swings:
Accommodates all physical levels
Integrates sign, Braille, pictures and language
Teaches colors of the rainbow

The Schoolhouse & Maze - With learning panels forming a maze that may be reconfigured:
Focuses on educational learning games
Teaches where am I reading, maps and a globe
Teaches what time it is using time zones and clocks

The Movin and Groovin Transportation Area Designed with transportation themed equipment such as a race track, motorcycles, planes, and trains:
Stimulates imagination
Teaches balance and special skills
Mimics true roadway situations

Fitness & Fun - Includes the largest piece of play equipment along with various jungle gym components:
Stimulates imagination
Progressive challenges for physical strength
Energy burner
Builds confidence

If you are in the Northern Virginia area or want to make a little day trip while visiting the Metro DC area I would strongly recommend this your children will thank you for it!

*i'd like to thank everyone who posted these wonderful photo's on flickr!
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  1. What an amazing playground! Every children's play park should take note. As for the name... HOLY COW!!! She had 11 children?1?!?! Wow. Hats off to her:)

  2. It looks a great place. Let me try to make a word with my children's initials... in case I ever come into money and donate some land... BSCHESPO. Doesn't quite work, does it?

    Tania (via SITS)

  3. this is just amazing! I hope your playground can become a model for similar playgrounds across America. Have you thought of inviting Mrs.Obama to visit? What great publicity that would be!

  4. Wow looks amazing. I want to play on everything, er... I mean my daughter wants to.

  5. What an incredible place that playground is! I'd have a blast there even without the kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  6. Love your a new follower natalee

  7. Ooooh, the little hat is precious on her little face.

    Stopping by with a little bloggie love tonight!

  8. how amazing and cool
    i wanna go play dance swing and twirl
    all the colors are energetic
    thanks for doing all the hard work then sharing with so many
    btw did not know you had two blogs
    so following this one too now

  9. what a great story and a great playground!

  10. Hey There! I run PWC Moms and just wanted to let you know I'm linking up to this article!


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