Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

I’m dying, well not literally but my little muscles are all quivering I can just picture them like little animated cartoon characters skinny legs, big bodies, just shaking. Well hibernation is over! It’s time to exercise! Time to get this body back in shape. I mean “in” shape… Change the “shape” that I am now….

Going back to the gym was like going “home again.” Everything and everyone was familiar even though I haven’t been there in a long time… literally years… I saw people I haven’t spoken to since my oldest was in high school! (She’s now graduating college!) My daughters’ old trainer was there with friendly open arms! This man trained her to get her little body in tip top shape for a lot of her pageant career. I used to drive her to the gym and wait or jump on the treadmill from time to time. I even worked out with her old trainer for a short time too.

Ryan (my bodies new best friend and trainer) met me there after I did a few minutes, 10 to be exact of cardio on the ever so hateful elliptical. I really really hate cardio! But I remembered the “old days” when I worked out and knew before using your muscles you had to “warm them up.” Well as I hopped on the elliptical my little legs started to ache more and more, I did say I only did this for 10 minutes right? Uhhhh and I did mention how much I hate cardio, right? But I know that exercise is a must that goes along with good nutrition so here I am…

I’m sure Ryan didn’t know what to expect of me, this middle aged woman, who wants to ”get healthy.” He was ever so patient for our first training session. He explained that since I have high blood pressure which began with my first pregnancy which ended with toxemia/pre-eclampia almost 22 years ago we were going to work out using what he called “PHA.” And he explained that PHA is short for peripheral heart action. It is a type of circuit training that alternates upper and lower body exercises throughout the circuit. This type of training is perfect for burning a lot of calories and improving one’s endurance without over working each individual muscle.

After our workout Ryan told me that I should eat a protein and carbohydrate now. I asked “maybe an apple and peanut butter?” he said not too much fat perhaps a turkey sandwich, and I asked “With pieces of bread?” and he almost choked because he misunderstood me and thought I said “pizza!” Pieces… Pizza…. He said he was worried and thought he needed to run and call Rebecca (my bodies other new best friend and nutritionist)and tell her we have a “serious problem” here! I laughed, oh even I know no more pizza.

Well that’s workout number one… looking forward to just how sore I’m going to feel in the morning in time to work on some “cardio.” Did I tell you how much I hate cardio? Well, I am determined to take this all the way and continue on my healthy journey, next up my first meeting with Rebecca … stay tuned…

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  1. your trainer sounds nice - i have this skinny little 26 year old who really BELIEVES no pain no gain - i keep telling her to get back to me in 25 years - i wonder if she will have the same theories then :)


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