Thursday, January 7, 2010

My 5 favorite blog posts of 2009

As I start the new year off, it is my new year’s resolution, yes, I am trying something “new” and going to try and do one I really think I can do, not lose the extra 25 pounds I gained over the past few years, but I will “try” to shed a few of those, not take up something new like “sky diving” which I could possibly never do because I am afraid of heights so much that when I’m on a plane I really try and forget there is really “nothing” between my feet and the ground. But rather I am going to try and post on this blog at least once a week!

I started this blog as a spin off so to speak of my main blog but I don’t want it to turn out as some of the old TV shows spin off did; as a bust. I’m really going to try and keep this one cranking.

I began this blog with high hopes of continuing my path of helping others create fully inclusive playgrounds and building on whatever dreams you may have. But what I have found is I also have a passion for passing on fun things to do with children; adventures and recipes. So I’m going to be using this blog to write about all things children with a bit of nonprofit dreaming thrown in there. If you have a dream you’d like to get help beginning please feel free at anytime to drop me a line, or if you have an accessible playground your family uses in your area I’d love to highlight it. In any event, I’d love to hear from you via email or twitter.

My favorites from 2009

1. Some kids Dream about flying while others just dream about playing in the park.

2. Why worry about accessibility?

3. Building of a dream

4. Playground Picnic

5. Ghoulish delights for your little monsters

• Just a little extra because it’s the beginning of the year and I think everyone should take a moment to make sure you have this one “covered.” What’s in your first aid kit?

Happy New Year to you all and here’s to a year of new dreams!
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