Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Recently I began to think about how I wanted to organize this blog and how I think it would help others in various aspects of their lives; whether they want to create a playground or raise funds for whatever comes close to their hearts. I took an idea from my heart and brought it to fruition and you can too. That is what I hope to do here.

I decided to give each week day a different subject. I am so excited to share with all of you what I came up with:

Magical Design Monday; which will go into the theme’s of the different playgrounds that I designed or other elements of design which you might find interesting.

Tip Tuesday; everything you will want to know about creating a nonprofit organization. I did it so can you!

Wonderful Playgrounds Wednesday; this is where we will look around the country at other projects. I invite you to share your projects with me so we can feature them here.

Good Thing Thursday; this is “open call” to anything that I might find interesting, it might be a feature on a nonprofit organization, or something to introduce children to or maybe I will even have a “give a way” or two. My blog, my call! But you can be sure it will be enchanting.

“fun”raising Friday; this will go into various ideas that I have used to raise funds to create playgrounds, but you can use them for whatever you might be raising money for.

My hope in giving this blog “organization” is that it will further me a little and give me a chance to reflect and at the same time I hope to be able to pass along some of that magic onto you.
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  1. Oh I love your organizational ideas. Are you going to have a button and mister linky for others to sign up and play along?

    I hope so! It's sounds fascinating! :o)

  2. What a super idea! This is such a great blog, and I know I will be back.
    You stopped by my blog a few days ago and left a sweet comment, and I am so sorry I didn't come by to say, "THANKS!" earlier. I just love meeting fellow SITStas, and hope to see you again soon!


  3. organisation is good! thanks for stopping by

  4. Theme's (organization) work quite well with blogging. :-)

    'Course, I'm one of those all-over-the-place Gals... But, at least I have an over-all theme... *giggle*

    Lookin' forward to it!

  5. What great ideas! Best of luck with them!

  6. WOW! Stopped in from SITs, and so glad I did! Your blog looks amazing, and I can't wait to read through to learn more about what you do. Wonderful cause, and I'll be following. :)

  7. I absolutely loved reading your blog and can't wait to read more. As a special education teacher, I am very interested in your organization and possibly starting one of my own!Keep up the wonderful work!

  8. I absolutely loved reading your blog! As a special education teacher, I am ver interested in learning more about your organization and possibly starting one of my own in the future! Keep up the wonderful work!


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